Australian made

Hemp seed oil Skincare

Hemp Worx, skincare made with 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil, was borne from the result of years of research demonstrating the many benefits of Hemp Seed Oil. 


Hemp Seed oil contains a myriad of vitamins and nutrients to help improve heart health, assist in lowering cholesterol, boosting immunity and help moderate blood sugar levels. For your skin Hemp Seed Oil energizes the skin’s protective layer, may assist with skin cell regeneration and the skin’s ability to retain moisture.  It’s anti-inflammatory properties are an added benefit for assisting in the management of skin irritations. 

Of course, after discovering these benefits, it was a simple decision to start The Hemp Worx journey. So, we developed an affordable range of Hemp Body Lotions, Body Washes, Hand Creams, Soaps, Body Creams, Exfoliators and Lip Balms, using Hemp Seed Oil, cold pressed from the Hemp plant. 


Hemp Seed Oil is a credible addition to our everyday lives. 


100% Vegan, No Parabens, No SLS & No Synthetic Frag

Strong deposits of Vitamins B, E & D