Hemp Seed Oil Skincare

Skincare with Hemp Seed Oil has a high concentration and the perfect balance of Essential Fatty Acids
(Omega 3 and Omega 6), which makes this amazing little seed a powerful giant in caring for our skin.



Why is Hemp Seed Oil good for your skin?

Cold Pressed from the seeds of the Hemp plant, Hemp Seed Oil is a credible addition to our everyday lives, when taken internally, added to food, or used in body or skin care.

Whilst Hemp Seed Oil has been used for many years, it is only recently that it has experienced an elevated awareness.

There is no drug component to the very versatile Hemp Seed Oil.
Below are the 3 major components of Hemp Seed Oil, that help to benefit your skin

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids have the ability to replicate our skin cells, and therefore increase skin elasticity and moisture retention capacity in skin tissue, providing protection against the ageing process. Additionally Essential Fatty Acids affect the immune responses in the body, promoting wound healing.


Accompanying these Essential Fatty Acids, are strong deposits of Vitamins B (for the retention of moisture), E (to protect and repair skin cells), and D (to assist with the absorption of calcium).


As an Anti-inflammatory Hemp Seed Oil assists with the management of skin irritations.